The registration process

Who do we apply to?

Organisations wanting to register as a charity must apply to the Charities Services section of the Department of Internal Affairs. However, the decision whether to allow your organisation to register is then made by the Charities Registration Board, an independent body.

What information do we have to provide?

Charities Act 2005, s 17
  • an application form from the Charities website
  • a copy of your rules or governing document (for example, a trust deed), with all amendments
  • a Companies Office registration number, if already incorporated
  • an IRD number if applicable
  • information about your organisation’s work and activities
  • information about the relevant geographical area and the people likely to benefit from your activities
  • financial information, including your funding sources and balance to date, and
  • a completed Officer Certification form for each of the organisation’s officers.

Visit the Charities Services website to download the necessary forms.