Māori data sovereignty

What is Māori Data Sovereignty?

Māori data sovereignty is about protecting information or knowledge that that is about (or comes from) Māori people, language, culture and resources. The ‘data’ in this context refers to information that is digital or digitisable.

The following quote provides context for why Māori Data Sovereignty is important:

Data from us, and about us and our resources, are valuable assets. Once control of it is lost, it is difficult to regain; Data can be powerful mechanisms for informing and driving Māori/Iwi development at national and local levels but only if we are able to exercise authority over our data.

Te Mana Rauranga, Pātai

It is important as a community organisation to understand and work to uphold the principles of Māori data sovereignty. You can read all the principles in full here on Te Mana Rauranga, as well as useful resources and information in relation to the application of these principles.